Our Approach

Luke, Barratts client

Our client, Luke, and his mum swimming with dolphins

If you are looking for a law firm that always puts you at the centre of everything we do, we are here for you. Your needs are our top priority. You can visit us at our offices in Nottingham or we can come to you if you aren’t able to travel.

We promise you that we will always pursue your claim with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.  Our clients often say that they chose us because we were the first solicitor who cared. Some people talk to several firms before they contact us and they say it’s a relief to speak to people who understand their situation. They also like to be with a firm which only looks after people who are injured. You can read some of their stories in our case studies.

If you are feeling stressed because you are thinking about bringing a claim, you are not alone. Even though we handle claims for lots of clients, we never forget how hard it can be for you. We make sure we have time to handle your case properly.

Our approach puts you first. We make the process as easy as we can for you. We regularly stay in contact with our clients after their cases have been settled because we become so close. When we stand together with you and your family to make your claim, we develop strong relationships. We genuinely care about your future and we will not settle your case unless it is best for you. This is possible because we are more like a family run firm than a traditional law firm. Since the firm started  in Nottingham, we have always had the same aim – to get you the outcome you need to move forward with your life in the best way possible.

You need time and support. We make sure we give it to you. With Barratts Solicitors you will find out what it is like to be cared for by a firm that doesn’t handle large numbers of cases at one time. You are never simply a case number to us. You are a person we value.

We make sure you get the right support from the right people because only experienced specialist lawyers are employed at our niche firm.

To ensure our clients have advice from specialists, we set up a Court of Protection Department to act as Deputy for clients with brain injury. Many of our clients are also children and, in recent years,  funding for special education needs (SEN) at school has reduced. In 2018 a specialist SEN solicitor joined the team to review EHCPs and provide practical SEN advice for clients.

We have chosen to stay small to make sure you have a dedicated, experienced lawyer working with you from the start.

How will our team work with you?

The first question most people ask is “what next”? If we are able to pursue your claim, we start by looking at the 4 things that are most likely to be worrying you:

  1. Money – we will seek speedy interim payments whenever possible to cover your financial losses
  2. Home – most people want to get home and feel safe when they get there. Where possible we will help arrange adaptations to your property to get you home quickly
  3. Nursing – through our contacts we can work with you to help set up an individual nursing regime
  4. Rehabilitation – we will arrange rehabilitation and the provision of specialist equipment because we know this will give you the best possible recovery.

At the end of their case, many of our clients receive significant levels of compensation. For most people, this is a huge relief but also a big responsibility. We can help you manage your compensation effectively to make sure you are cared for properly in future. We only use independent financial advisers with our same high standards.

If you are claiming on behalf of someone who, in the legal jargon, “lacks capacity” and can’t manage their own affairs, we can act as Deputy. This means we help the injured person to look after their finances etc during and after the case. This helps to relieve some of the burden on you.

During and after the case we also consider if SEN provision is adequate, so that your child is not missing out on their education.