Clinical Negligence

Martin’s Story

We represented Martin at the Inquest of his deceased Mother. As a result of the Inquest there have been significant changes to NHS procedures.

Compensation for Rosie after Medical Negligence at Birth

Rosie suffered from brain damage at birth. We proved that the medical team was negligent and we obtained a substantial settlement for Rosie. This has allowed her to live in an adapted property that is specific to her needs. It also funded additional private medical treatment.

Harry’s Story

When Harry’s father died he felt the GP had been negligent. We gathered the medical evidence we needed to show this was the case. We succeeded in pursuing a claim for compensation for Harry because he was classed as a ‘dependent’ of the deceased.

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Criminal Injury

Bomb Victim’s Criminal Injury Compensation Claim

When a bomb went off in a pub in Soho, London, it caused severe injuries to many. We were able to secure compensation for some of those injured through the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

Compensation Claim for Kevin’s Serious Injuries

Kevin suffered serious injuries following an assault. We helped him claim £670,000 compensation

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Personal Injury

Vic Claims for PTSD 10 Years after an Air Crash

Vic came to us 10 years after the Kegworth Air Crash. He had suffered PTSD. He was told by other solicitors that he was out of time. However we pursued the claim and recovered £136,000.

Claim for Mental Health Damage after Violent Assault

A violent assault on 90 year old resident at retirement home caused severe damage to her mental health. Our solicitors helped her to claim.

Christine’s Claim for Back Injury Compensation

We helped Christine gain full compensation for a back injury which she suffered when she slipped on black ice at a local petrol station.

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