Working with Spinal Injury Clients

Our experienced team of spinal injury solicitors works with clients who have a spinal injury caused by an accident, negligent medical treatment, or who have been injured in another way. The most common causes of spinal injury are road traffic accidents, accidents at work or criminal assault. We also work with clients who have suffered permanent damage to their spine as a result of clinical negligence.

The effects of a spinal injury

Some clients may still have a degree of mobility whereas others will be left permanently paralysed. The amount of movement someone has will depend on how badly the spine has been damaged and which part of the spine was involved.

When the spinal cord is damaged it can lead to a number of problems for those who are injured. Some people experience more problems than just restricted mobility. They can also suffer problems with their bowel and bladder function and, sometimes, sexual function. Many clients lose control of their bowel and bladder and need catheters and colostomy bags. It can be hard to adjust to this change. We see a number of clients who have developed psychiatric conditions such as depression and an adjustment disorder as a result of their injury.

Spinal injury compensation claims

Most of our clients who become dependent on a wheelchair find that their homes are no longer suitable. They often find the doorways are too narrow for wheelchair access. Many people find they can’t go upstairs any longer. Also they are likely to need an adapted bathroom or kitchen.

We will seek an admission of liability as soon as possible where a client has suffered a spinal injury. This allows us to obtain an interim payment for you so we can organise equipment, accommodation and care. Many clients will also need treatment such as physiotherapy and in some cases counselling. We work closely with therapists and experts who have the experience to know exactly what help you need.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a while to get an admission of liability in clinical negligence cases. This makes it harder to get an interim payment. However, at Barratts we understand the urgency of the your situation. We will do our best to put in place suitable care as soon as possible and obtain the aids and equipment that will make your life easier. We will help you seek advice about suitable accommodation so we are ready to adapt your home as soon as funds are available.

Barratts are on the panel of solicitors for the Spinal Injuries Association. Also, in the past, we have supported the East Midlands Marauders Wheelchair Rugby team and the Sheffield Steelers Wheelchair basketball team. We understand that you need rehabilitation and housing and a specialist solicitor to pursue your spinal injury claim. You can talk to any member of our specialist team of experienced, qualified solicitors.