Having a spinal injury is life changing so getting the right support is essential. Our specialist team have represented clients with spinal cord injury, cauda equina syndrome and other neurological conditions for decades. It is why we have been on the Spinal Injury Association’s (SIA) panel since it was set up. Only solicitors with experience in spinal injury are on the list and it depends on references from our clients. We could not have a better recommendation than that.

Over the years we have acted for clients injured in car accidents, cyclists, in the workplace and medical errors causing paralysis, often as a result of missed diagnoses. We have helped clients who were let down by mental health services and suffered spinal cord injury in attempted suicides and clients injured as a result of criminal assaults. Every case is different and each client is unique but for all our clients, we ensure you get personal help from our small but dedicated expert team of litigation solicitors.

Choosing the right solicitor can make a real difference. A recent client, who was also a doctor, explained his experience as follows:

“I remember them all appearing perfectly capable and personable, but David was different on several counts. He was not ostentatious, he did not appear to be a mouthpiece for a large corporate machine; he appeared amiable but not saccharine, trustworthy and authoritative but not overbearing. Those factors aside, the most significant thing I recall is that he understood the position I was in. We exchanged pleasantries, I explained my various predicaments, and the first thing he said was;

“So we need to get you out of here as quickly as possible.”

I considered the four-bed bay that was now my home and had been for too long, the tired curtains, the sink that had remained broken for the past three months, the difficulties I was having accessing rehab, my strained relationship with the medical team, and thought: “this man gets it.”

He went on to discuss some of the immediate pitfalls we needed to avoid, some ideal next steps, and I realised that this was a professional whose opinion I trusted. He discussed practical plans from the very beginning.”

This testimony shows how we are different at Barratts. Click to read more about how our solicitor supported Ed after his spinal injury.

Our experienced senior spinal injury lawyers know what to do and they will take action to get spinal injuries clients early support. This means our clients get the support available as soon as possible.

We encourage the Defendant to meet our clients so you are not just a number. We give you information at a pace to suit you and help simplify all the legal jargon and complexities of your claim. We will give you honest advice about your claim and any risks and will stand by you when we believe the defendant’s offer of compensation is not high enough.

We help with lots of practical support including:

  • Neuro rehabilitation
  • Care support and case management
  • Accommodation
  • Specialist equipment

Lastly, we realise that your progress cannot be achieved in isolation. We know this involves others including your family and friends and other professionals. The fact that much of our work is referred by professionals is because we know how to work together to get the best result for you.