Workplace Injuries Case Studies

Complex Brain Injury Claim following Workplace Accident

Adam was a freight-checker in a distribution depot. His job involved checking lorry loads of materials before they were despatched, to be stored in the warehouse. On the day of the accident, an unstable load weighing in excess of 1 tonne slid off a lorry. The load crushed Adam and caused him a traumatic brain […]

Compensation after an attack on a healthcare worker by a psychiatric patient

Our clients’ story is especially poignant during the Coronavirus outbreak. It illustrates the risks taken every day by nursing and medical staff to help patients.

Vic Claims for PTSD 10 Years after an Air Crash

Vic came to us 10 years after the Kegworth Air Crash. He had suffered PTSD. He was told by other solicitors that he was out of time. However we pursued the claim and recovered £136,000.

Bob’s Compensation Claim for an Injury at Work

Bob suffered an injury at work when he attended the scene of an accident. A driver had lost control of his vehicle and his car ended up in a ditch. Bob was injured as he rescued the driver.

Compensation after Negligence Causes an Eye Injury at Work

Adrian was at work when he suffered severe injury to his eye as a result of the Defendant’s negligence. He was able to recover compensation for his injury and financial losses.

Compensation for Workplace Injury During a Visit to Business Premises

Nicola suffered a workplace injury in July 2010. She contacted Barratts Solicitors and instructed us to pursue a claim on her behalf for compensation. We overcame the insurers’ objections and succeeded in recovering 100% compensation for Nicola.

Compensation For Loss of Three Fingers at Work

Robert was employed as a landscape gardener by a firm of environment/landscape consultants until he was injured at work. On the day of the accident he was operating a circular saw which was used to cut tree trunks into small manageable woodblocks.

Police Officer Recovers Compensation Through Motor Insurers Bureau

In May 2010 Andy, a police officer, was on duty when he came across a burglary in progress. The burglar ran to his car to escape.