Spinal Injuries Case Studies – Personal Injury

Ed Hudson – Serious Injury Guide Plus

Ed Hudson sustained serious injuries, a C4 fracture of his spinal cord, in a road traffic accident in February 2018. Ed originally instructed another firm of solicitors

Chris’s Provisional Damages for Spinal Cord Injury

Our solicitors helped Chris receive provisional damages of £1,000,000 after a spinal cord injury. This means he has also secured his right to return to Court if his condition deteriorates.

Rachel’s Claim after a Car Accident Left her Paralysed

Rachel was paralysed in a car accident. We helped her to claim compensation that will provide her with financial security for the rest of her lift. Importantly, she can use this money to support herself and cover the costs of her care.

Stephen’s Claim after a Life-Threatening Car Accident

Stephen became a tetraplegic after a life-threatening accident. We helped him make an interim claim to purchase a suitable property while we negotiated with the Defendants.

Spinal Injury Claim following a Road Traffic Accident

Steven was awarded compensation totalling £7.75 million for the spinal injury he sustained in a road traffic accident in 2007.

Client Walks Again After 3 Years

A TV show revealed how developments in science can truly change the life of individuals.

Accident on a Bus Results in Severe Spinal Injury

Eileen was an active 77 year old pensioner. When she boarded the number 47 bus outside her house in January, she never expected to end up in hospital.

Spinal Injured Client Promotes Use of Cycle Helmets on YouTube

The Spinal Injuries Association recommended Barratts Solicitors to Dr Donal McNally. Dr McNally instructed David Tomlinson to act on his behalf in recovering compensation for his spinal injury.