Car Accident Injury Claims and Road Traffic Accident Case Studies

Drunk Driver Accident – Compensation for Serious Injuries

Barratts was recommended to Mick when suffered serious and life-threatening injuries after he was hit in a drunk driver accident. He initially contacted an extremely experienced personal injury lawyer in Manchester who was unable to take on Mick’s case. However, the lawyer advised Mick to contact us.


My client’s family instructed me to bring a claim against the insurers of a vehicle that had collided with her car whilst she was on holiday in 2017. I didn’t know my client or her family before her accident. However in the years that I have been involved in her case, they have come to […]

School Girl Recovers Six Figure Sum After Suffering Serious Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

  Our client was 15 years old when she sustained serious hip and leg injuries in a motorcycle accident which meant that she had to change her career plans. She was riding as a pillion passenger when there was a collision with another motorcycle. The accident caused a severe fracture to her right hip, severe […]

David Receives Compensation for a Road Traffic Accident

David received £3,100,000 in settlement of his claim for injuries sustained at the age of 6, in a road traffic accident.

Spinal Injury Compensation – Provisional Damages after a Car Accident

Our solicitors helped Chris receive provisional damages of £1,000,000 after a spinal cord injury. This means he has also secured his right to return to Court to apply for further spinal injury compensation if his condition deteriorates.

Cyclist Receives Compensation after Accident with a Lorry

Michael was cycling to his job as a security guard at 4.30 in the morning when he was knocked off his bike by a lorry. The lorry propelled him into the verge at the side of the road. After the accident, the driver did not stop and Michael was then found by a passer by.

Rachel’s Claim after a Car Accident Left her Paralysed

Rachel was paralysed in a car accident. We helped her to claim compensation that will provide her with financial security for the rest of her lift. Importantly, she can use this money to support herself and cover the costs of her care.

Compensation for David After a Car Accident as a Child

At the age of 6, David ran across a road and was hit by a car. His parents received negative advice from a solicitor but they asked us for a second opinion. We took on his case and, although it took time, we helped David obtain £1.75 million compensation.

Stephen’s Claim after a Life-Threatening Car Accident

Stephen became a tetraplegic after a life-threatening accident. We helped him make an interim claim to purchase a suitable property while we negotiated with the Defendants.

Owen’s Claim for Leg Injuries after a Motorbike Accident

Owen suffered serious leg injuries in a motorcycle accident in December 2006.  Owen achieved 100% of his compensation which settled shortly afterwards for a little over £300,000.

Spinal Injury Claim following a Road Traffic Accident

Steven pursued a claim for a spinal cord injury settlement after he was injured in a road traffic accident, in the UK, in 2007. He was awarded compensation totalling £7.75 million for his injuries.

Physical & Psychological Injuries Compensation

Natalie suffered both physical and psychological injuries as a result of a road traffic accident on the M62. We successfully recovered compensation on Natalie’s behalf.

Injured Motorcyclist Claims Compensation

James suffered personal injuries and financial losses as a result of a road traffic accident in March 2011. He was riding his motorcycle at the time when he was injured. Barratts Solicitors pursued a claim on his behalf and James received compensation.

Compensation for a Motorcyclist’s Fatal Injuries

Tragically, Mike died from fatal injuries as a result someone else’s negligent driving. His wife, Gaye pursued a claim for compensation for the loss of her husband and father to their 2 children. Barratts Solicitors helped Gaye to recover a six figure sum in compensation, which will provide security for her and her children.

Can a Passenger Claim Against a Drunk Driver? Who is Liable for their Injuries?

Our client was only a teenager when she was injured in a car being driven by a friend. Her friend lost control of the car and hit a tree. As she was in the rear seat, it should have been a straightforward personal injury case except that the driver had drunk alcohol.

Always Supporting Our Clients

At Barratts we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. This was particularly important for one young woman who came to us after a car accident. It really is our caring approach that sets us apart, as this testimonial shows.

Accident on a Bus Results in Severe Spinal Injury

Eileen was an active 77 year old pensioner until she had an accident on a bus. When she boarded the number 47 outside her house in January, she never expected to end up in hospital needing to make a claim for an injury caused by the bus driver.

Drunken Driver Causes Severe Personal Injuries

Sukhdev sustained significant head injuries in an accident in January 2009. The accident was caused by a drunk driver and we helped Sukhdev recover compensation for his injuries.

Attempted Murder Results in Significant Injuries and Compensation

Colin was deliberately assaulted in March 2008 by someone using a vehicle as a weapon. The driver was convicted of attempted murder and Colin claimed compensation for his significant injuries.

Ambulance Victim Recovers Compensation

Claire suffered catastrophic injuries in a road traffic accident when she was only 9 years old. She was crossing a road outside her parents’ home when she was hit by an ambulance.

Zoe Receives Over £70,000 Compensation Following Road Traffic Accident

In November 2011 Zoe was involved in a road traffic accident. The driver of another vehicle did a sudden U-turn which caused Zoe to collide with the vehicle.

Spinal Injured Client Promotes Use of Cycle Helmets on YouTube

The Spinal Injuries Association recommended Barratts Solicitors to Dr Donal McNally. Dr McNally instructed David Tomlinson to act on his behalf in recovering compensation for his spinal injury.