Orthopaedic Injuries – Personal injury

Christine’s Claim for Back Injury Compensation

We helped Christine gain full compensation for a back injury which she suffered when she slipped on black ice at a local petrol station.

Compensation for Injuries after Beverley Tripped and Fell

Beverley received unsupportive advice from Counsel after she tripped over a raised paving stone and fell. We helped her recover compensation for the injury caused by the accident.

Get The Right Advice Before Settling Compensation

Martin came to us, following the recommendation from one of our former clients. At that point, Martin had already contacted a local firm of solicitors and they had agreed to take on his case. However, they had limited his claim to a maximum of £25,000, even though he had suffered serious orthopaedic injuries. The injuries […]

CCTV Provides Vital Evidence in Compensation Claim

Jenny was walking through a busy shopping centre when she was knocked to the ground. As a result of the fall, she suffered significant shoulder injuries.