Industrial Disease Case Studies

Larry’s Claim for Asbestosis

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) recommended Barratts to Larry to help with his asbestosis claim.  Sadly he had developed significant breathing problems and he had visited his doctor who referred him to a respiratory physician. The medical team took scans and they diagnosed Larry with asbestosis.

Trevor’s Claim for Mesothelioma after Asbestos Exposure

Trevor initially came to see us in 2012 following a diagnosis of pleural plaques. Although he had no symptoms and appeared healthy, the diagnosis indicated scarring of the lungs. Barratts had been recommended to him by his respiratory physician who suggested he should investigate a claim for compensation. Trevor had a history of working with […]

Joan’s Claim after Industrial Disease Leads to Death

Following the death of her husband, from a recognised industrial disease, we recovered compensation for Joan and her son to ensure security for their future.