Personal Injury – Case Studies

Vic’s Story

Vic came to us 10 years after the Kegworth Air Crash. He had suffered PTSD. He was told by other solicitors that he was out of time. However we pursued the claim and recovered £136,000.

Mildred’s Story

Violent assault on 90 year old resident at retirement home causes severe damage to mental health.

Christine’s Story

Full compensation recovered for Christine who suffered a back injury as a result of having slipped on black ice at a local petrol station.

Beverley’s Story

Despite unsupportive advice from Counsel we recover compensation for Beverley who suffered injury as a result of tripping over a raised paving stone.

Joan’s Story

Following the death of her husband we recovered compensation for Joan and her son to ensure security for their future.

David’s Story

David received £3,100,000 in settlement of his claim for injuries sustained at the age of 6, in a road traffic accident.

Chris’s Story

Chris receives provisional damages of £1,000,000 securing his right to return to Court should his condition deteriorate.

Micheal’s Story

Lorry driver failed to stop after knocking Michael of his bike and propelling him into a roadside verge. He was eventually found by a passer-by.

Rachel’s Story

Rachel was awarded compensation which will provide her with financial security for the rest of her life

David’s Story

Despite negative advice from a previous solicitor we obtained £1.75 million compensation for David.

Stephen’s Story

A substantial interim payment enables tetraplegic Claimant to purchase a suitable property.

Owen’s Story

Owen suffered serious leg injuries in a motorcycle accident in December 2006.  Owen achieved 100% of his compensation which settled shortly afterwards for a little over £300,000.

Steven’s Story

Steven was awarded compensation totalling £7.75 million for the spinal injury he sustained in a road traffic accident.

Natalie’s Story

Natalie suffered both physical and psychological injuries as a result of a road traffic accident on the M62. Jill Barratt succeeded in recovering compensation on Natalie’s behalf.

James’ Story

James suffered personal injuries and financial losses as a result of a road traffice accident in March 2011. He was injured whilst riding his motorcycle. Jill Barratt pusued a claim on his behalf and James received compensation.

Bob’s story

Bob attended the scene of an accident where the driver had lost control of his vehicle and his car ended up in a ditch. Bob suffered injuries during the course of rescuing the driver.

Mike’s case

Mike sustained fatal injuries as a result of the Defendants negligent driving. His wife, Gaye pursued a claim for compensation for the loss of her husband and father to their 2 children. Jill Barratt succeeded in recovering a six figure sum which will provide security for Gaye and her children.

Adrian’s story

Adrian suffered severe injury to his eye as a result of the Defendants negligence. He was able to recover compensation for his injury and financial losses.

Nicola’s story

Nicola instructed Jill Barratt to pursue a claim on her behalf for compensation following injuries suffered in July 2010. Jill overcame the insurers’ objections and succeeded in recovering 100% compensation for Nicola.

7 figure settlement for client with brain injury

In 2012, our client sustained life threatening injuries after he was injured in a car accident. He instructed Debra Morris to represent him, transferring the case to Debra when she joined Barratts Solicitors in 2014.

Martin’s Case – Getting The Right Advice

Martin came to us, following the recommendation from one of our former clients. Martin’s case has already been taken on by a local firm of solicitors had agreed to take on his case. They had limited his claim to a maximum of £25,000 even though he had suffered serious orthopaedic injuries. The injuries had profoundly […]

Can A Car Passenger be Liable For Their Injuries?

Our client was only a teenager when she was injured in a car being driven by a friend, which lost control and hit a tree. She was in the rear seat and you would think that it would be a shut and closed personal injury case.

Client Walks Again After 3 Years

The show revealed how developments in science can truly change the life of individuals.

CCTV Footage Helps to Secure Compensation

Bob was a 21 year old student visiting Nottingham to celebrate his friend’s 21st birthday, where they visited a local nightclub.  Whilst he and his friends were enjoying themselves, a fight broke out between two groups of young men – none of whom were known to either Bob or his friends.

Accident on a Bus Results in Severe Spinal Injury

When Eileen, an active 77 year old pensioner boarded the number 47 bus outside her house in January, she never expected she would end up in hospital.

Compensation Payments Following Drunken Horse-Play

David Tomlinson was approached by two, separate clients who were both injured in unusual, but remarkably similar accidents. In the first accident Lorna had returned home from a night out with her then boyfriend who was somewhat the worse for wear.

Drunken Driver Causes Severe Personal Injuries

Sukhdev sustained significant head injuries in an accident in January 2009.

Attempted Murder Results in Significant Injuries and Compensation

Colin suffered significant injuries in March 2008 as a result of a deliberate assault by the Defendant who used a vehicle as a weapon. As a result of an altercation in a night club, that had taken place earlier in the evening, (which did not involve Colin but did involve a group of his friends) […]

Employers Pay Compensation For Loss of Three Fingers

Robert was employed as a landscape gardener by a firm of environment/landscape consultants. On the day of the accident he was operating a circular saw which was used to cut tree trunks into small manageable woodblocks.

Ambulance Victim Recovers Compensation

Claire suffered catastrophic injuries in a road traffic accident when she was only 9 years old. When crossing a road outside her parents’ home, she was hit by an ambulance.

Significant Compensation for Criminal Injuries

Tom was 21 when he was the victim of an unprovoked assault in the street in October 2004. He was taken to hospital where he remained for over 3 weeks before being discharged home with a traumatic brain injury.

Injuries Suffered After Drinking Fake Alcohol

The death of a 23 year old British backpacker who died after consuming poisonous alcohol sold as Gin in Indonesia has raised the awareness of the dangers of fake alcoholic drinks which often contain very high levels of poisonous methanol and other toxic ingredients.

Zoe Receives Over £70,000 Compensation Following Road Traffic Accident

In November 2011 Zoe was involved in a road traffic accident. A vehicle to her nearside but just ahead of her did a sudden U-turn causing Zoe to collide with the vehicle.

Police Officer Recovers Compensation Through Motor Insurers Bureau

In May 2010 Andy, a police officer, was on duty when he came across a burglary in progress. The burglar ran to his car to escape.

CCTV Provides Vital Evidence in Compensation Claim

Jenny was walking through a busy shopping centre when she was knocked to the ground and suffered significant shoulder injuries.

Barratts Successful in Appeal for Criminal Injuries Compensation

Barratts were recommended to Jimmy in 2008 when his Application for Criminal Injuries Compensation had been refused. He had suffered a nasty injury to his hand when attempting to breakup a fight at a Christmas party.

Spinal Injured Client Promotes Use of Cycle Helmets on YouTube

Following a recommendation from the Spinal Injuries Association, Dr Donal McNally instructed David Tomlinson to act on his behalf in recovering compensation.