Personal injury specialist solicitors

Personal injury law specialists have a deep understanding of the needs of people who have experienced a personal injury. In addition to this, Barratts Solicitors have a wide range of professional contacts with the expertise you need for your rehabilitation and long-term care. Our personal injury case studies give you examples of the ways we improve the lives of our clients. We typically work with people who have relatively complex injuries but you can ask our advice whether your case is big or small. You can also engage us if you were involved in an accident abroad.

Our team includes solicitors who work with victims of a criminal injury, such as a violent crime or an assault and who want to claim compensation.

rehabilitation for personal injury with an exoskeleton

Ed’s client, Wiena, uses the latest Exoskeletal technology

Sometimes clients approach us because they are unhappy with their current solicitor. We will listen to your situation and then give you straightforward advice. We have helped many people make successful claims after they have changed solicitor after a serious injury.

Please get in touch if you would like to chat to us. You can talk in confidence to one of our senior personal injury specialists about your situation. We are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and we always do our best to give honest, fair advice to help you decide what steps to take next.

What Makes Barratts Personal Injury Solicitors Different?

Unlike some firms, we will only ever give your case to qualified staff and our solicitors have many years experience of handling personal injury cases. You can rely on us to analyse your claim quickly and can maximise your compensation so that your future is secure. We act against major insurance companies and they know that we fight hard for our clients to get the best results. Our reputation means that the Defendants know that we will not undervalue your case. We focus on getting the best possible outcome for you.

Our solicitors handle all types of personal injury claims but we are especially recognised for our expertise in serious spinal injury claims and head injury claims. We also have specialists in claims for injuries abroad, criminal injury compensation and industrial disease claims.

The way your solicitor handles your case will affect your future. You need a solicitor you trust to get the best result for you. Barratts goes further than many firms to get interim payments to make life easier for you. Also, we know how important it is to put rehabilitation in place as soon as possible. Our experience allows us to put together the best team to help you to recover and, because only senior, expert lawyers handle your case, you can be assured of getting the best possible advice.

Call us to discuss your case in confidence and we will explain how we can help you. Meet our Personal Injury solicitors.

Updated: June 2021