Inquests and Fatal Claims Case Studies

Compensation secured for client after his mother was murdered.

Ed Myers was recommended to the sister of our client because of his specialist criminal injury compensation experience. Sadly our client was only 9 years old when his mother was killed after an unprovoked and violent attack by his father.

Compensation for a Motorcyclist’s Fatal Injuries

Tragically, Mike died from fatal injuries as a result someone else’s negligent driving. His wife, Gaye pursued a claim for compensation for the loss of her husband and father to their 2 children. Barratts Solicitors helped Gaye to recover a six figure sum in compensation, which will provide security for her and her children.

NHS Training is Improved after Inquest Rules Accidental Death

When Martin’s Mother died in hospital, we represented him at the Inquest into her death. As a result of the Inquest there have been significant changes to NHS procedures and training.

Compensation for GP’s Negligence

When Harry’s father died he felt the GP had been negligent so he asked Barratts Solicitors for help. We gathered the medical evidence we needed to show this was the case. We succeeded in pursuing a claim for compensation for Harry because he was classed as a ‘dependent’ of the deceased.

Compensation for GP’s Missed Diagnosis of Coeliac Disease Symptoms

Tragically, David’s GP missed the connection between his symptoms and coeliac disease. He went on to develop lymphoma as a result of his untreated coeliac disease. Sadly, David passed away and his wife pursued a claim for compensation for negligent treatment.

Claim for Clinical Negligence after Rose’s Inquest

Rose passed away in April 2009 and her family were unhappy with the treatment she had received. We were instructed by her Daughter and Son to investigate this treatment provided by the hospital. We then represented the family at the Inquest.

Family Requests Inquest after Death in Hospital

Following Mrs Welch’s death in hospital, her family asked us to represent them at an Inquest. We supported the family during this very upsetting process and made sure their views were heard. The Coroner found there had been serious failings and made recommendations to the Defendant hospital for improving treatment to patients.

Better Care for Mental Health Patients Demanded After The Tragic Death of Carol Vaughan

Julie Hardy has fought hard for justice for Carol’s family. The widely reported verdict of Mairin Casey has vindicated the family whose dignity at the Inquest was recognised by the Coroner.