Nottingham Coroner's Court

Nottingham Coroner’s Court

Our Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Lawyers have, between them, nearly 200 years’ experience representing clients at Inquests. The majority of our work is for clients who may have a claim for negligence and who want to ask questions to find out more about how their family member died.

An Inquest is held when the circumstances surrounding the death are unclear. The Coroner’s Court asks 3 questions – how, when and why the person has died. In some cases the identity of a person may also need to be confirmed.

Over the years our lawyers have highlighted mistakes that led to someone’s death. On many of these occasions, the Coroner’s verdict has led to changes in the way companies and the NHS work. This is incredibly important to our clients.

Without fail, every client tells us that they want to ensure that what happened to their family does not happen again. We give you the platform to achieve this with our dedicated, specialist lawyers.

If you go on to make a claim for compensation, we think it is important that you work with just one lawyer throughout the process. All the lawyers in our Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Criminal Injury Compensation (CICA) Departments have attended Inquests for clients. This means you work with the same solicitor during the inquest and for your compensation claim.

Our sympathetic, personal and practical advice gives you a better service than a larger, impersonal firm can offer. We recognise that the death of a family member is extremely traumatic; having to face complex legal questions and the possibility of giving evidence in Court only adds to the devastation. Our lawyers will ease the burden of an Inquest for you.