How we can help

Over the years our CICA team have represented clients after devastating crimes. If you are unsure about what’s involved, you can click the link to get an overview of how we help people with criminal injury claims.

Once a claim is submitted to the CICA we can help with the following:

  • If your claim is accepted by the CICA we can get medical reports to support an interim award. You might use this award to help with equipment and adapting your house.
  • Complex injuries usually involve support from therapists. With our local knowledge we can get the best therapy package for your needs.
  • Importantly we also work closely with Care Managers and we will recruit carers if you are unable to look after yourself. They will give you the extra help you need.
  • If you cannot work or your partner has died, you need to put a value on the future earnings you have lost. We will value this for you and value other help that your would have received.
  • Many victims of crime suffer psychological injury. The sooner you receive treatment, the better the prognosis. We work with local therapists and victim support to help with your recovery.
  • If you need financial advice regarding benefits, we work with experts to help ease your financial worries.
  • If you have a brain injury and cannot manage your affairs, we will apply to the Court of Protection. This will ensure you are protected. For more information on this please have a look at our Court of Protection Service.
  • If your claim is rejected because you had a criminal record or did not help the police we might be able to help. We will review that decision and advise you if an appeal should be made.

When your case is finished we expect to have put in place a care and therapy package. This will secure your future recovery. If you need it, we will instruct architects to assess your home to adapt it for your future. Importantly, we will also make recommendations to protect your financial future. You can see an example of our approach in Tom’s case where we helped him claim for lost earnings after a violent assault.  Whilst nothing can truly compensate victims of crime, we take a proactive approach which we hope will give you the best chance of recovery.