The CICA scheme does not award legal costs. This means that if you have instructed a solicitor, you will be personally liable to pay their fees. You will also be liable to pay any other costs related to the claim, for example, expert reports and medical records.

When you are covering the expenses it is important that your solicitor is able to handle your case efficiently. You must also get expert legal advice. We pride ourselves on focusing on work where we can make a real difference to the value of your claim. That is why most of our CICA clients have serious complex injuries which require specialist evidence. You will see examples of this in our criminal injuries compensation case studies. We will not take on your case unless we think that it will significantly increase your compensation.

We also recognise that clients are likely to have financial difficulties after a serious injury. To make life easier for you we will discuss options to ease any financial worries. We can delay the payment of our fees until your CICA claim has been concluded and ask the other experts to defer payment for their reports until you receive your compensation.