Criminal Injury Compensation – Case Studies

Bomb Victim’s Criminal Injury Compensation Claim

When a bomb went off in a pub in Soho, London, it caused severe injuries to many. We were able to secure compensation for some of those injured through the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

Compensation Claim for Kevin’s Serious Injuries

Kevin suffered serious injuries following an assault. We helped him claim £670,000 compensation

CCTV Footage Helps to Secure Compensation

Bob was a 21 year old student on a visit to Nottingham to celebrate his friend’s 21st birthday. During the evening they visited a local nightclub.  Whilst he and his friends were enjoying themselves, a fight broke out between two groups of young men. Neither Bob nor his friends knew any of these men but […]

Barratts Successful in Appeal for Criminal Injuries Compensation

Jimmy submitted an Application for Criminal Injuries Compensation after he had suffered a nasty injury to his hand. He was injured while he was attempting to breakup a fight at a Christmas party. Someone recommended that he should talk to Barratts and he met us in 2008.