Criminal Injuries Compensation Solicitors & CICA Claims

Criminal injuries compensation solicitors at Barratts have a deep understanding of the CICA guidelines. We will give you straightforward answers if you are asking yourself ‘Can I claim for criminal injuries compensation after an assault?’

You can get in touch with us and talk to a specialist criminal injury lawyer about your situation.

Ed Myers - one of Barratts criminal injuries compensation solicitors

Head of our CICA Department,
Ed Myers

We will explain what the range of payments set out by Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (the CICA tariff) means in your case. You always come first and our senior lawyers will advise you honestly. They will let you know how much compensation you might receive and how likely your claim is to succeed.

If you are eligible to claim for criminal injury, the compensation for your assault will be paid by the Government. The amount of money you receive will depend on the type of injury you have suffered and the impact on your life. We support clients in a wide range of situations, including compensation for attempted murder and following head injuries or subtle brain injury. We are sensitive to the particular difficulties created by these types of injury and we can also advise you on Court of Protection matters. You can read more about the ways we have helped previous clients in our criminal injury case studies.

Choose experienced criminal injuries compensation solicitors

You will receive independent, expert advice from a criminal injury solicitor if you appoint us. If you are a victim of crime, we understand that you will be coping with physical and psychological injury. We are very sensitive to your situation. We also realise that you might find it hard to cope with the events until criminal proceedings have finished. Our clients sometimes have to give evidence at the criminal court. Tragically, in murder cases, they also have to attend inquests when a family member has died. We will help you with all these scenarios.

Sometimes criminal injuries compensation solicitors will recommend that you apply directly to the CICA. When we do this, it is because we have your best interests at heart. If CICA recommends a low level of compensation for your injury and your compensation award is likely to be small it is better for you not to instruct us. If we submit a claim for you, your costs are likely to be higher than your compensation. We will always give you clear advice when you meet us.

If we agree that it is best for you not to appoint us, we will direct you to other organisations who can help. We often recommend that you talk to Victim Support which is a national charity that supports those affected by crime.

If you are considering a claim, you should be aware that there is a 2 year time limit to submit a claim. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible so that we can guide you from the start.

Ed Myers heads up our CICA Service. He has spent over 25 years acting for victims of crime. Ed has previously represented victims of the Soho Pub Bombings and other serious criminal incidents. Meet our Criminal Injuries Compensation team.

Updated: June 2021