The Work of a Deputy

Our Deputy Service is here to protect vulnerable clients and to make sure that they remain financially secure. We get involved in decisions regarding your day-to-day needs. Our approach is to be proactive and involve you as much as possible in decisions about your life.

Your immediate needs are our first priority. We will get advice from experts and the litigation team to improve your quality of life. This also means we have evidence for the Court as we will need to justify the costs when the case concludes. Here are examples of some of the work we do:

Care Needs

If you need help at home, we help you appoint case managers and carers. We realise this can be stressful and time consuming; our job is to do the work for you to find the person best suited for your needs. Our years of experience help us to choose case managers who know about your medical condition and to appoint carers whom you feel comfortable with.


If you need to adapt your property, we work with architects and other professionals to create a home to suit you. This might include wheelchair adaptations, hoists, room for equipment and access to outside space. We apply to the Court to get their approval to buy the property, with as little stress as possible for you. We will also act as a trustee for you to buy the property.


Many clients have not had access to all the therapy they need. We instruct speech and language, physiotherapy and occupational therapists to work with you during and after the litigation. With more help in place our clients make improvements in their mobility and communication which can be life changing.
We also consider hydrotherapy, which can be especially useful for our clients with cerebral palsy who struggle to exercise in other ways and cannot access public pools.


When your case concludes, we assess how the compensation is paid and how it is invested in the long term because this can make an enormous difference to your future security. We work with you and independent financial advisers who are used to helping clients in these circumstances. Our job is to ensure that your money is invested appropriately for your own needs.

We also check expenses and costs each year to make sure you are paying the right amount. Usually we set an annual budget so we can protect your money for the long term.