I am an experienced solicitor who specialises in working as a Court of Protection Deputy, and with children and young adults with special educational needs (SEN)

Special Educational Needs

I qualified as a solicitor over 30 years ago and specialised in personal injury work. When my children were young, I stopped work  to spend time with them. I decided to specialise in Special Educational Needs (“SEN”) on my return to work.

For the last 7 years I have been providing specialist legal advice for children and young people with SEN. Initially I worked for a non-profit organisation to help parents needing SEN advice. I joined Barratts Solicitors in 2018 to run their new Special Educational Needs department.

Barratts represent many young clients with brain injury as a result of clinical negligence, such as cerebral palsy, or following road traffic accidents and other personal injury claims. Barratts are recognised experts in complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims. They realised there was a growing need for SEN advice and support for their clients and were keen to ensure the highest standard of advice was available for clients needing SEN help. I was delighted to be invited to join this excellent team at Barratts and have already had successes for clients who had previously been denied SEN support.

I am also able to offer an additional service for parents and carers without a compensation claim but who might need extra SEN advice. This new role enables me to help parents and carers as much they want to secure the correct provision to meet their child’s SEN.

The law relating to SEN is complex. It is vital that children and young people receive the support they require to help them to achieve their full potential.

Court of Protection

In addition to my SEN work, I also work alongside the Court of Protection Department. This involves helping clients who lack the capacity to manage their own financial affairs. In my work, I collaborate with other professionals to get the best advice for clients.

The Deputy work is equally satisfying as I am involved in practical help and support for clients who lack capacity. It is vital to help clients have as much independence and say in their lives as possible. By working closely with them and a team of experts, the client can make choices in a safe environment and maximise their quality of life.