Court of Protection

Court of Protection services cover all aspects of looking after people who cannot manage their own affairs. You will often see the legal phrase for this which is “lacks capacity”. What does it mean if your loved does not have capacity to manage their affairs? In this situation, they can not make decisions about important things like their financial arrangements. We will apply to the Court of Protection to appoint someone else to help with that person’s finances. In some cases, the Court will also appoint someone to make decisions about their health. That person is called a Deputy

The Work of a Deputy

Remi is looked after by the Court of Protection. She is here with her assistance dog

Our client, Remi, and her dog, Marley

At Barratts Solicitors we arrange for a Deputy to be appointed for clients when they have received an interim payment or recovered compensation. Deputies are entitled to charge for their time and to claim for expenses. Because of this, we ensure that the professionals who assess our clients factor in the cost of a Deputy. We then ask the Court to include this when it is settling your case. Put simply, we make sure our clients receive enough compensation to be able to pay for a Deputy in the future. Our Court of Protection and litigation teams work closely together to make sure we get the best possible outcome for you.

We genuinely treat each client individually and we recognise how important it is to listen to you and the experts. We work together as a team to best meet your changing needs during your lifetime. You can feel confident that you are in the best hands to protect your future.

Our Deputy Team is headed up by Jay Tomlinson. Jay is an experienced solicitor with a strong track record in supporting clients who find it hard to speak for themselves. Jay previously specialised in Special Educational Needs advice. She is supported by Rebecca Tomes, who is also a solicitor and previously worked at the Office of Public Guardianship. You will benefit from their depth of knowledge and they will focus on achieving the best long-term outcomes for you or your loved one.