We have seen clients who have suffered negligent treatment because of a delay in diagnosis or mis-diagnosis of their medical condition. The effects can be catastrophic and life threatening.

We have acted on behalf of clients who have had to undergo amputation of limbs as a result of a delay in diagnosis. In more severe cases of mis-diagnosis or late diagnosis this has resulted in the death of a loved one.

Clients who have suffered symptoms for a long period of time often approach us. They asked for advice from their GP and/or Consultant but there was a delay in making a diagnosis. This can often be in relation to cancer and in many sad cases treatment is too late.

Many clients come to us following diagnosis of a spinal injury. This is often in relation to a spinal abscess or Cauda Equina syndrome. These conditions require urgent treatment after symptoms start but in some cases this does not happen. Clients are paralysed or severely restricted in their mobility as a result of a delay in diagnosing a spinal condition.

When clients contact us they often feel let down by the medical profession and in some cases extremely angry. We understand how important it is to provide clients with the appropriate advice in all the circumstances. They also need to feel they can trust us.

We will usually advise clients to pursue the appropriate complaints procedure. However, some clients have already tried this before they approach us. Unfortunately their complaint has not been answered at all or they are not satisfied with the answer. We appreciate how frustrating and upsetting this is.

If you are involved in a case of mis-diagnosis or late diagnosis, your claim will depend on the facts of the case. The help and advice we can offer will depend on the nature of your injury. We do our best to give you full advice and a timetable to help you understand the process so that you know what to expect.