Delayed Diagnosis Solicitors

Our delayed diagnosis solicitors truly understand the impact that a missed or delayed diagnosis has on people’s lives. We talk to many clients who want to claim against the NHS for negligence because of a delay in diagnosis or mis-diagnosis. The effects of a medical misdiagnosis can be catastrophic and life threatening.

Medical Misdiagnosis & Missed Diagnosis Claims

We act on behalf of many clients whose slow diagnosis has been life-changing. These clients include people who have had to undergo amputation of limbs as a result of a delay in diagnosis. Our delayed diagnosis solicitors also made claim on behalf of someone where a slow response to her Cauda Equina symptoms resulted in a permanent spinal injury. When patients develop a spinal abscess or Cauda Equina syndrome they need a fast and accurate diagnosis and urgent treatment. If there is a delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis by medical professionals, the consequences can be very serious. People can be left paralysed or severely restricted in their mobility.

Sadly, our misdiagnosis solicitors also meet with bereaved families where a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis has resulted in the death of a loved one. Where it’s appropriate, we can represent these families at the inquest and help them make a delayed diagnosis claim against the relevant NHS trust.

Sometimes our solicitors meet clients who have suffered symptoms for a long period of time and who ask for advice on medical malpractice or misdiagnosis. It’s not uncommon for our solicitors to hear that these people asked for advice from their GP and/or Consultant but these professionals made mistakes. These clients often ask us about making a claim against the NHS compensation scheme for delayed or missed diagnosis, as well as misdiagnosis. Some of our clients have experienced delays in relation to a cancer diagnosis and in many sad cases treatment is too late to change their outcomes. When these people decide to make an NHS misdiagnosis claim, they are usually looking for peace of mind. They need misdiagnosis compensation to protect their families’ financial wellbeing when they are no longer able to provide for them.

When to Contact Medical Misdiagnosis Solicitors

Many of our clients feel let down by the medical profession at the point when they contact us. We understand how angry and disappointed you might feel and we know that this can be a very anxious time for you. We will provide you with the appropriate advice for your circumstances, along with an honest assessment of how your claim is likely to go. You can trust us to explain carefully and clearly what is involved in the process.

We usually advise clients to begin by following the appropriate complaints procedure. If you have already followed this procedure but you have not received an answer – or you are not satisfied with the answer – we will support you through the next steps.

Your claim will depend on the facts of the case and we will give you straightforward advice on this. The exact nature of the help and advice we can offer will depend on the consequences of missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis. We will do our best to give you full advice. Our solicitors will also give you a timetable to help you understand the process and prepare for it.

If you like to talk to a member of our team, please get in touch.