Brain Injury Medical Negligence Case Studies

Birth Brain Injury – Barratts Ensure Lifetime Financial Security for the Child

Birth brain injury is often caused by hypoxia and, in Max’s case, he suffered cerebral palsy as a result. Max’s parents felt that his brain injury was caused by medical negligence so they contacted us to enquire about their options. We helped them to ensure their child will be financially secure for life.

Compensation for Rosie after Medical Negligence at Birth

Rosie suffered from brain damage at birth. We proved that the medical team was negligent and we obtained a substantial settlement for Rosie. This has allowed her to live in an adapted property that is specific to her needs. It also funded additional private medical treatment.

Complex Claim for Patient in a Mental Health Unit

Kevin was detained in a Mental Health Unit when he was 17. His family was already worried about his behaviour when he absconded from the Unit. He was attacked and seriously injured while he was out. We successfully pursued a complex case for compensation and so that Kevin can get the care he needs.

Stephen’s Successful Claim for Brain Injury at Birth

Stephen suffered a brain injury at birth and this has left him with cerebral palsy. However other solicitors told his family that there were no grounds to pursue a claim. They came to us at Barratts Solicitors and we successfully pursued their claim. As a result Stephen was awarded £4.5 million in compensation.

Court Approves Award for Cerebral Palsy in Excess of £10 Million

Gemma was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following negligent treatment during her delivery. The NHS Trust admitted liability before Court proceedings being issued.

NHS Trust Admit Negligence in Cerebral Palsy Case

Gemma was the second of twins born by caesarean section and she suffered severe brain damage. She did not receive enough oxygen during the delivery and this caused her cerebral palsy. Gemma cannot do anything for herself and has to rely on her family.

Barratts Settle Long Standing Cerebral Palsy Case

Alison Brooks and Emma Veasey of Barratts Solicitors recently settled a long standing cerebral palsy case. Our client, the Claimant, suffered hypoglycaemia during the neonatal period. This led to severe brain damage.

Cerebral Palsy Client Receives Multi-million Pound Settlement

Aaron Tring was starved of oxygen at birth in Nottingham 26 years ago. As a result he suffers from cerebral palsy and is severely disabled.