Medical Negligence Claim Cases

Birth Brain Injury – Barratts Ensure Lifetime Financial Security for the Child

Birth brain injury is often caused by hypoxia and, in Max’s case, he suffered cerebral palsy as a result. Max’s parents felt that his brain injury was caused by medical negligence so they contacted us to enquire about their options. We helped them to ensure their child will be financially secure for life.

Compensation after an attack on a healthcare worker by a psychiatric patient

Our clients’ story is especially poignant during the Coronavirus outbreak. It illustrates the risks taken every day by nursing and medical staff to help patients.

NHS Training is Improved after Inquest Rules Accidental Death

When Martin’s Mother died in hospital, we represented him at the Inquest into her death. As a result of the Inquest there have been significant changes to NHS procedures and training.

Compensation for Rosie after Medical Negligence at Birth

Rosie suffered from brain damage at birth. We proved that the medical team was negligent and we obtained a substantial settlement for Rosie. This has allowed her to live in an adapted property that is specific to her needs. It also funded additional private medical treatment.

Compensation for GP’s Negligence

When Harry’s father died he felt the GP had been negligent so he asked Barratts Solicitors for help. We gathered the medical evidence we needed to show this was the case. We succeeded in pursuing a claim for compensation for Harry because he was classed as a ‘dependent’ of the deceased.

Compensation for Infertility due to Poor Medical Treatment

Theresa had spent many years trying to get compensation for poor medical treatment leading to infertility. The hospital denied any wrongdoing and she felt frustrated. We listened and took time to understand Theresa’s situation then we followed up her case and recovered compensation for her.

Stillbirth Compensation after Medical Negligence during Labour

Elizabeth began a stillbirth compensation claim after her daughter was tragically stillborn. Elizabeth initially instructed another firm of solicitors but she felt they lacked empathy so she came to us. We promptly arranged much needed bereavement counselling to help her cope with the loss of her daughter.

Ian’s Claim for Negligence Leading to Leg Amputation

Doctors were slow to diagnose a problem with Ian’s circulation. As a result he had to have his right leg amputated above the knee. Ian was aged 77 and this had a significant impact on his life. We were able to secure compensation for him.

Complex Claim for Patient in a Mental Health Unit

Kevin was detained in a Mental Health Unit when he was 17. His family was already worried about his behaviour when he absconded from the Unit. He was attacked and seriously injured while he was out. We successfully pursued a complex case for compensation and so that Kevin can get the care he needs.

Compensation for GP’s Missed Diagnosis of Coeliac Disease Symptoms

Tragically, David’s GP missed the connection between his symptoms and coeliac disease. He went on to develop lymphoma as a result of his untreated coeliac disease. Sadly, David passed away and his wife pursued a claim for compensation for negligent treatment.

Compensation After Negligent Surgery Ends Glen’s Career

Glen received £260,000 in compensation following negligent knee surgery in 1993. We provided medical evidence to support Glen’s claim. We showed that he would have been able to continue his career in the Army if it hadn’t been for the negligence.

GP’s Negligence During Pregnancy Leads to Premature Birth

James was born premature as a result of negligent treatment provided by his mother’s GP. James has significant cognitive and behavioural problems as a result. We successfully recovered £2 million by way of compensation for James.

Compensation for Misdiagnosis Leading to Hip Replacement

After the hospital failed to diagnose Jim with a fractured hip, we helped him recover significant compensation. The delay in diagnosis resulted in Jim needing a hip replacement.

Claim for Clinical Negligence after Rose’s Inquest

Rose passed away in April 2009 and her family were unhappy with the treatment she had received. We were instructed by her Daughter and Son to investigate this treatment provided by the hospital. We then represented the family at the Inquest.

Charlotte’s Hip Dysplasia Compensation Claim

There was a delay in diagnosing Charlotte with hip dysplasia when she was a baby. As a result, she suffered injury and required extensive surgery. Charlotte sought compensation and succeeded.

Stephen’s Successful Claim for Brain Injury at Birth

Stephen suffered a brain injury at birth and this has left him with cerebral palsy. However other solicitors told his family that there were no grounds to pursue a claim. They came to us at Barratts Solicitors and we successfully pursued their claim. As a result Stephen was awarded £4.5 million in compensation.

Successful Cauda Equina Compensation Claim after Medical Negligence

Our solicitor helped Laura claim cauda equina compensation after medical staff were negligently slow to diagnose her condition. Medical experts agreed that staff had missed a number of red flag symptoms linked to cauda equina syndrome. We gathered medical evidence to support Laura’s claim and approached the Defendant Trust. Our cauda equina solicitors gained the […]

Claim for Negligence against Margaret’s Care Home

Margaret suffered injuries as a result of negligent treatment whilst a resident at a care home. She sadly passed away and her daughter pursued a claim on her behalf.

Family Requests Inquest after Death in Hospital

Following Mrs Welch’s death in hospital, her family asked us to represent them at an Inquest. We supported the family during this very upsetting process and made sure their views were heard. The Coroner found there had been serious failings and made recommendations to the Defendant hospital for improving treatment to patients.

Eleanor’s Claim for Negligent Medical Treatment during Childbirth

Eleanor suffered injuries as a result of negligent medical treatment during labour. She instructed Emma Zukowska to pursue a claim for compensation. The Defendant Trust carried out their own serious untoward incident investigation into the treatment they provided. The investigation showed that Eleanor’s care was not in accordance with their own guidelines. We recovered  compensation […]

Client Walks Again After 3 Years

A TV show revealed how developments in science can truly change the life of individuals.

The Importance of Clinical Negligence Specialists

Cerebral Palsy claims are always difficult to prove, with no guarantee of success at trial. So Charlotte’s family decided they could not risk losing everything when they received an offer. Our specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors gave them advice and her family agreed to settle the claim at 90% of the full value.

Better Care for Mental Health Patients Demanded After The Tragic Death of Carol Vaughan

Julie Hardy has fought hard for justice for Carol’s family. The widely reported verdict of Mairin Casey has vindicated the family whose dignity at the Inquest was recognised by the Coroner.

Court Approves Award for Cerebral Palsy in Excess of £10 Million

Gemma was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following negligent treatment during her delivery. The NHS Trust admitted liability before Court proceedings being issued.

Compensation for Delay in Diagnosis of Meningitis

James contracted meningitis shortly after he was born due to medical negligence. We helped him make a successful claim for compensation.

Bereaved Family Recover Compensation

Sheila’s family contacted Barratts Solicitors in late May 2010 following Sheila’s untimely death. She had been admitted to the Defendant Hospital on 6 May 2010 for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

NHS Trust Admit Negligence in Cerebral Palsy Case

Gemma was the second of twins born by caesarean section and she suffered severe brain damage. She did not receive enough oxygen during the delivery and this caused her cerebral palsy. Gemma cannot do anything for herself and has to rely on her family.

Barratts Settle Long Standing Cerebral Palsy Case

Alison Brooks and Emma Veasey of Barratts Solicitors recently settled a long standing cerebral palsy case. Our client, the Claimant, suffered hypoglycaemia during the neonatal period. This led to severe brain damage.

Cerebral Palsy Client Receives Multi-million Pound Settlement

Aaron Tring was starved of oxygen at birth in Nottingham 26 years ago. As a result he suffers from cerebral palsy and is severely disabled.

Settlement for Client with Meningococcal Septicaemia

In December 2009 we concluded a claim for clinical negligence in a long running case. Our client sought damages against her GP after the GP failed to refer her to hospital with suspected meningococcal septicaemia.