Birth Injuries

Our specialist birth injury solicitors act on behalf of many mothers and babies. If you have suffered injury or childbirth trauma as a result of negligent treatment during labour and/or delivery, we will listen carefully and advise you on your situation. Clients often comment on our solicitors’ sympathetic and warm approach.

Most cases of birth injury and trauma involve the child. These often include injuries such as brain injury at birth resulting in cerebral palsy. We also talk to families whose babies suffered from injuries to limbs during childbirth and they are left with conditions like erbs palsy caused by shoulder dystocia.

Birth injuries can lead to permanent disabilities and, if you make a claim, it can take many years to settle. This is because medical experts need to be able to assess the final prognosis for your child. These claims are often complex but we will support you during the process. We will do everything we can to get the best possible result for your child.

Injury to a mother during childbirth

We have also made successful claims for birth injury to mothers who can experience trauma or internal injuries. These injuries are generally caused by a difficult delivery and negligent treatment. We understand that mothers can suffer permanent difficulties from these injuries and we understand how hard it can be to talk about this. We have also made successful claims for mothers who have experienced psychological injuries caused by a traumatic childbirth experience.

Brain injury at birth

Most birth injury claims for babies involve brain damage. This is caused by a lack of oxygen during labour and delivery. The amount of brain damage a baby suffers varies. It largely depends on the length of time the baby was starved of oxygen and how the baby responds to treatment following delivery.

Brain damage, such as cerebral palsy, can lead to a variety of symptoms and disabilities. People experience different symptom but the common ones include difficulty feeding, inability to communicate through speech, lack of mobility, behavioural problems, developmental delay and epilepsy. Some children may have severe physical disabilities but have little cognitive impairment and vice versa. Sadly, in some cases children are found to have very limited cognitive and physical function.

Assessing your claim for birth injuries

We appreciate that it can be extremely demanding caring for a disabled child, especially if you have other children to look after. Most children who have severe brain damage cannot live independently. They rely on their parents and families or residential care. We recognise that you need expert, consistent support to pursue a claim to limit the demands on your time.

It is vital to your child’s quality of life and progression to have a suitably adapted environment to meet his or her needs. This can include appropriate equipment and a suitably adapted property. One of the aims of compensation is to cover the cost of buying and adapting a suitable home. It also covers the cost of installing appropriate equipment for your child. The compensation will pay for you to employ carers so your family life remains just that.

When the hospital admits liability or a court decides that they are liable at Trial, we can obtain an interim payment. This will help you set up aspects of care, accommodation, equipment and treatment as early as possible. We understand how important it is for you to receive an interim payment. It will allow you to provide for your disabled child and ensure he or she has the best quality of life.

Specialist birth injury solicitors

Our Team have shared experience of more than 50 years working with families in this situation. This means we really do appreciate the strain it can put on your family. We will do our best to pursue your legal claim with the utmost sensitivity and expertise.

We have a Legal Aid Clinical Negligence franchise. To get the franchise, we had to show the Legal Aid Agency we have the experience to handle these types of claims. The government has changed their guidance on Legal Aid and Clinical Negligence for birth injuries is the only area of law where we can get funding for our clients.