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Updated August 2022

If you need a caring birth injury solicitor, our experienced and supportive professionals have helped many parents to claim birth injury compensation. Whether you’ve experienced a birth injury as a mother or your baby suffered a birth injury, you will discover that these claims are often complex. You will also find our Nottingham-based birth injuries solicitors have a deep understanding of this area of law and we realise how tough things are for you personally.

If you or your baby has been harmed as result of childbirth negligence, you can talk to one of our specialist solicitors and meet us at our Nottingham office. We help injured mothers and families whose children have a range of birth injuries, including cerebral palsy, Erbs palsy or hip dysplasia.

We also support you if you are a mother who has been injured by mis diagnosis of conditions during pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia, or experienced physical or psychological problems following childbirth. You can also ask us for help if you believe medical mistakes led to a stillbirth. We realise this is an incredibly difficult situation and we will do what we can to support you. Whether you were hurt as a result of negligent treatment by your GP, a midwife or a hospital doctor, during pregnancy, labour and/or during delivery; you can ask us to help you claim birth injury compensation.

When you contact us, we listen carefully and advise you on your legal situation. Our clients often comment that our solicitors’ sympathetic and warm approach is incredibly important to them while they are claiming for themselves or their babies.

Why Choose a Cerebral Palsy Solicitor

Many birth injury compensation claims for babies involve brain damage. If this has affected your child, you will already know that the amount of cerebral palsy compensation your child receives makes a significant difference. It will affect the plans you can make for your child’s long-term and short-term needs and have an impact on your entire family. Even if you have already been told that you do not have a claim, you should still give us a call on 0115 931 5171. Every case is unique and it can be difficult to prove negligence so you need to talk to a specialist cerebral palsy solicitor. We will review your situation and give you an honest, expert assessment of your case.

Birth brain injury is caused by many different things, from problems with the placenta to a delay in using forceps. Whatever the reasons, the baby suffers from a lack of oxygen during labour and delivery. The amount of brain damage a baby suffers varies, depending on how long the baby was starved of oxygen and how the baby responds to treatment following delivery. Cerebral palsy and other brain injuries cause a variety of symptoms and disabilities and this is why each families’ situation is unique. People with cerebral palsy often have difficulty feeding, inability to communicate through speech, lack of mobility, behavioural problems, developmental delay and epilepsy. We work with parents whose children may have severe physical disabilities but have little cognitive impairment and vice versa. Sadly, in some cases children have very limited cognitive or physical function.

Erbs Palsy Compensation, Hip Dysplasia and more

You will find that our specialist solicitors at Barratts also support parents whose children suffered Erbs palsy, hip dysplasia and other birth injuries to limbs. Erbs palsy is caused by shoulder dystocia and missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of hip dysplasia can cause long-term complications for children. Whatever type of injury your baby has suffered, you can contact our specialist solicitors for compassionate advice on your chances of a successful claim.

How will your claim for a child’s birth injuries be assessed?

We appreciate that it can be extremely demanding caring for a disabled child, especially if you have other children to look after. Most children who have severe brain damage cannot live independently. They rely on their parents and families or residential care. You need expert, consistent support to help you pursue a claim and we work hard to limit the demands on your time.

You already know only too well that it is vital to your child’s quality of life and progression to have a suitably adapted environment to meet his or her needs. One of our aims when we are helping you claim compensation for birth injuries is to cover the cost of buying and adapting a suitable home and install appropriate equipment. Your child’s claim for compensation will allow you to employ carers and extra support so your family life remains just that.

What are interim compensation payments?

When the hospital admits liability or a court decides that they are liable at trial, we can obtain an interim payment. This will help you set up aspects of care, accommodation, equipment and treatment as early as possible and it allows you to provide for your disabled child and ensure he or she has the best quality of life.

Birth injuries can lead to permanent disabilities and, if you make a claim, it can take many years to settle. This is because medical experts need to be able to assess the final prognosis for your child. These claims are often complex but we will support you during the process. We will do everything we can to get the best possible result for your child.

Birth injury to mothers compensation claims

If you are a mother who has been hurt physically or psychologically as a result of your medical treatment during pregnancy or labour, you can talk to our warm, empathetic solicitors. Whether your injuries were caused by a difficult delivery and negligent treatment, we you might have permanent difficulties from your injuries and PTSD we understand how hard it can be to talk about this. We realise this can be especially hard if you suffered a stillbirth. When you tell us your story, we listen carefully and let you go at your own pace.

You will meet a solicitor who understands this area of law very well and who can tell if you you can make a claim. We have a track record of making successful claims for birth injury for mothers who have suffered physical or psychological childbirth trauma or internal injuries. Click to find traumatic birth compensation case studies or contact one of our specialist solicitors on 0115 931 51 71.

Will I see a specialist birth injury solicitor?

Our birth injury solicitors have been working with parents in this situation for more than 50 years. This means we really do appreciate the strain it can put on your family. We will do our best to pursue your legal claim with the utmost sensitivity and expertise. You can call us on (0115) 931 51 71 or send us an email.

Legal Aid for birth injuries, including cerebral palsy

We have a Legal Aid for Medical Negligence franchise. To get the franchise, we had to show the Legal Aid Agency we have the experience to handle these types of claims. Although the government changed their guidance on Legal Aid and Clinical Negligence, birth injuries is one area of law where we can get funding for our clients.