Medical Negligence Solicitors Nottingham

Barratts’ medical negligence solicitors are based in Nottingham and we have extensive experience of helping individuals whose healthcare has fallen short of the standards we expect. We will support you through our compassionate approach and practical guidance as we help you make decisions about your next steps.

When you speak to Barratts Solicitors, you are talking to medical negligence specialists. Our team is determined to improve outcomes for patients whose lives have been changed as a result of the treatment they received.

If you think you might have a claim for medical negligence as a result of individual or systemic mistakes in the NHS or private healthcare; a nursing home or care home, we are ready to listen. You can rely on us to behave sensitively and to respect your privacy. When you are already in pain or facing difficulties as a result of the incorrect medical procedure or a professional misjudgment, we believe the most important place to start is with you. You will see from our case studies that we also handle claims for families where a loved one has died. These are known as fatal claims.

Even if it is some time since you were a patient and you think your claim might be affected by the statute of limitations, you can still ask for legal advice. We will let you know if you still have time to bring a case and put you in touch with support groups.

Access our Supportive Network of Medical Negligence Experts

Our lawyers begin every medical negligence case by finding the right independent health professional to evaluate your situation. These people will also assess the risk of any further deterioration in your condition.

We will put you in touch with local organisations in Nottingham and the Midlands that offer specialist advice or services. Over the years, we have built up a network of contacts so we can connect you with people with the skills to support you.

Additionally, you will meet with specialist teams, including dentists, consultants, paediatricians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Whether you are suffering after a major trauma, a spinal cord injury or an incorrect medical prescription, we match you with professionals, from across the UK. These people have the right skills to make sure your claim is properly investigated. We use their evaluation of your situation to put a value on your compensation claim as we move forward with your legal case.

You can depend on our support as you make plans for your future.

Lottie met Dr Who after help from our medical negligence solicitors

Julie’s client, Lottie, meets Dr Who!

Interim Payments in Medical Negligence Claims

Interim payments are an important part of the process as they provide you with the best advice and treatment from the beginning. Even before we agree a financial settlement, we ask insurance companies to make an interim payment. You can use this money to cover the costs of your follow up diagnosis and treatment, including therapies to support your recovery.

We realise that medical negligence not only affects your immediate needs but it may affect your long-term employment prospects. Your interim payment will also help you with your worries about money.

What Types of Claims do You Handle?

Our medical negligence specialist solicitors are recognised experts, we sit on expert panels and we understand how insurance companies operate. As a result, we often take on medical negligence claim cases and succeed where others have failed. If you are wondering if you might have a claim, just ask us.

Your injuries might relate to an error in dentistry, pregnancy or childbirth, surgery or perhaps your illness was poorly managed. Maybe the attitude of the doctors and nurses fell short of the professional standards you would expect. Whatever your circumstances, we take your situation very seriously. Our process gives you the best opportunities to recover as far as possible. In some cases, this might include treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms so you can return to everyday life.

Sadly, sometimes the error means that your loved one has recently passed away and you are making a claim on their behalf. This might be due to a missed diagnosis by a general practitioner, poor treatment in hospital, a care home or elsewhere; a cancer misdiagnosis or for many other reasons. Whatever the circumstances of the medical malpractice, we will help you prepare for the Inquest process. If you need someone to represent you at an Inquest, we can do that too.

Why Choose Barratts Solicitors for Your Medical Negligence Claim?

If you searched for “medical negligence solicitors near me”, you are obviously looking for a local specialist and we are on hand to help. You will receive honest advice from Barratts Solicitors and our lawyers go beyond their basic duty of care when we take on your case. Wherever you are located, you can still consult with our medical negligence solicitors. We will use our training and our problem solving expertise to get you answers about your compensation claim as soon as possible.

You will receive a caring and professional service led by a solicitor with a reputation for handling medical negligence claims effectively. We work hard for you and your family. We know that many individuals come to us from personal recommendations and people say they recommend us because of our high standards in handling cases. Chambers quotes sources who say we are the leading firm for clinical negligence in Nottingham. When you work with us, we put you at the centre of our “friendly and approachable” service.

Our team will help you with everything, from pursuing the initial complaint against the health professional to managing your recovery. We can also help you deal with any compensation on successful conclusion of your claim.

Fees and Funding

Some people can claim Legal Aid for medical negligence but not everyone. You might be able to use your household insurance to cover your fees. Click to find out more about funding a medical negligence claim.

Even if you are unsure about the next steps, you can still get in touch. Our medical negligence solicitors will explain the process and we can explore your options together.

How to Contact Barratts Solicitors

Call us on 0115 931 51 71 or send us an email. In response to Covid-19 we can hold meetings in our Nottingham office or remotely.

To find out more about the ways we have helped individuals after medical mistakes, take a look at our clinical negligence case studies which include cauda equina syndrome (spinal cord injury), gynaecology, pregnancy or birth injury claims including cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy and childbirth trauma for mothers. You can also read more about some of the people we have helped to make claims for delayed diagnosis, negligent NHS treatment and negligence by care homes.