Theresa’s Story

Theresa had spent many years trying to get compensation for poor medical treatment. The hospital denied any wrongdoing. When Theresa came to us we listened and took time to understand. We followed up her case and we recovered compensation for her.Theresa contacted this firm after spending many years pursuing a complaint against her local hospital following treatment resulting in the removal of her second fallopian tube rendering her infertile.

The complaint was eventually referred to the Health Care Commission (HCC). The hospital had denied any wrong doing but the HCC provided independent evidence which criticised the hospitals decision to remove Theresa’s second fallopian tube, the first having already been removed.

When Theresa contacted us she was disillusioned with professionals and was very traumatised by having been rendered infertile. Initially the hospital continued to deny they had been negligent by removing the second tube. After court proceedings were issued they agreed the tube could have been saved but denied Theresa would still have been able to have children.

We obtained evidence from IVF experts showing that Theresa would have conceived naturally but, if not, would have been provided with IVF. She would now have to fund any IVF privately and her prospect of now becoming pregnant was extremely low. Despite a denial of liability, we were able to secure a substantial award to ensure Theresa would receive funding for counselling, an opportunity to have IVF privately and to reflect her pain and suffering.