Martin’s Story

We represented Martin at the Inquest of his deceased Mother. As a result of the Inquest there have been significant changes to NHS procedures.Martin Leach spent 2 months pursuing a complaint against the Queen’s Medical Centre after his mother died. He instructed us to represent the family after the Coroner was persuaded to hold an Inquest into the death of Mrs Leach.

Mrs Leach had been admitted to the QMC with Crohn’s Disease, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. It was recommended that she receive a litre of intravenous fluids over 10 hours. Tragically the infusion pump was incorrectly set. Fluids were administered in less than 1 hour and this overload caused Mrs Leach to suffer heart failure, significantly contributing to her death 2 days later. The original Post Mortem examination concluded that Mrs Leach died from natural causes but the Coroner, Dr Nigel Chapman, overruled the original verdict and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

There had been previous instances around the country of staff error with lack of training for medical equipment. Prior to the Coroner’s Inquest Mr Leach had pursued an Independent Review to ensure changes were made nationally. As a result significant changes were made at the QMC including new software to minimise the risk of using incorrect infusion rates, better staff training and standardisation of infusion devices