Harry’s Story

When Harry’s father died he felt the GP had been negligent. We gathered the medical evidence we needed to show this was the case. We succeeded in pursuing a claim for compensation for Harry because he was classed as a ‘dependent’ of the deceased.Harry’s father, Jim, died suddenly of a heart attack. The GP had failed to refer Jim to hospital in the previous months when he consulted her complaining of severe chest pains. We obtained supportive evidence that Jim had sustained a heart attack in the months prior to his death and that had his GP referred him to hospital at this point treatment could have been provided which would have reduced the risk of a further heart attack.

The GP admitted they had been negligent in failing to refer Jim sooner but denied earlier referral would have altered the outcome.

Expert evidence was divided; one said that even with an earlier referral it was still probable that Jim would have had a further heart attack and died where the other expert said that with the combination of advice and therapies it was more likely that Jim would have survived had he been referred earlier.

We succeeded in recovering compensation for Harry but a reduced settlement to take into account the risks of recovering nothing at Trial.

Harry was the only dependent of his father. Recovering compensation means that Harry will have some of the financial security which his father would have provided for him.