Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth had instructed another firm of solicitors but she felt they lacked empathy. She came to us and we arranged much needed counselling to help her cope with the loss of her daughter.Elizabeth pursued a claim for damages for psychiatric injury sustained as a result of the death of her daughter. As a result of negligent treatment provided during labour Elizabeth’s daughter was stillborn. Elizabeth had progressed through pregnancy without any problems and went into labour at full term plus 9 days. However, the labour did not progress well and an emergency caesarean section was required.

When Elizabeth awoke from surgery she was told her daughter had not survived.

Elizabeth suffered a severe bereavement reaction, a major depressive episode and a specific phobia. Her life was significantly affected as a result of the psychiatric injury. She required extensive counselling by way of cognitive behavioural therapy together with anti-depressant medication.

Barratts were pro-active in arranging CBT for Elizabeth to ensure her best recovery. Elizabeth did make a steady recovery from the psychiatric injury.

Liability for the negligence was admitted by the Defendants at an early stage. However, it was not possible to settle the case until Elizabeth had undergone treatment and a final prognosis given.

Elizabeth’s case settled out of court for £44,000.